The Dubuque Field Archers are a non-profit organization with the purpose of
promoting the sport of Archery in all its forms-field archery, bow hunting,
indoor archery and bow fishing. Organized in 1953, Dubuque Field Archers
have grown into a sound club located on 40 acres of land, south of Dubuque.
With both a bow hunter and field course our members have the opportunity to
participate in several forms of archery or just one. Being self governed and
operated, members are involved at every level of maintaining our club.
Members are asked to participate in maintaining our facility, setting up for
shoots, serving on committees or other miscellaneous tasks. Along with the
membership fee, eight hours of participation per year, is required for
membership. Not only is it easy to meet this work requirement, most
members easily exceed eight hours. With membership, members have free
access to our outdoor range, a monthly newsletter, annual deer feed, club
shoots and all the hunting stories you can listen to
If you would like to Join our club print out the registration form below and mail
it to Joe with check for the fee required .